Toronto Counselling and Psychotherapy

Job or Career Issues

People often come to my Toronto counselling office because they are feeling stuck in their jobs or are unable to choose a career path. Sometimes, these issues are easy and straightforward to solve. Other times more complex. Here is how I would help you with this:

First, I would listen closely to your situation to understand it from your perspective. I would ask questions to see whether this was truly a work problem, or if there were other factors involved. It’s not unusual to find self-confidence, self-esteem, or relationship issues lurking under what seems to be simple job or career stuckness.

Quite often, work problems are related to your work environment. In this case, we would examine the dynamics of your workplace. Sometimes, when we have been at the same job for sometime, our co-workers or bosses can become triggers. What this means, is that our workplace can bring up unresolved issues from the family we grew up in. Getting triggered like this can cause changes in our behaviour. And this behaviour can end up sabotaging us so that our worst fears get realized, like getting fired!

Once we figure out the source of your problem, we are on the way to fixing it. I can teach you grounding techniques to gain greater control. If it is an historic family issue you are dealing with, we can revisit and process it to completion. In this way, it will stop intruding into your work-a-day life. If it is a matter of self-confidence or self-esteem, we can work together to build you up from the inside out. If it is a relationship issue, you may want to consider personal work or couple counseling.

Finally, if it is truly a matter of simply needing guidance with career choice, I can point you in the right direction to get the testing and coaching you need to make the best decision possible.