Toronto Counselling and Psychotherapy

Family Concerns

Lots of people find their way to my Toronto counseling office because of family concerns. Sometimes it is their current family, other times it is due to their family of origin (the family they grew up in). This is how I can help you with these types of issues:

First, I will let you tell me the story of what is happening now or happened in the past. I will listen intently with the express purpose of seeing the situation from your perspective.

Next, if it involves people you live with today, I will help you take a more objective look at the dynamics in those relationships. In this way, we can begin to sort out what is happening and what your role in it is. Once we figure this out, we can determine the best course of action.

This may mean trying some new approaches with these family members. Sometimes just doing a simple role-play in my office is enough to prepare you. Perhaps you need more support, like a parents group or some appropriate reference material. Or maybe marital counseling is in order.

We may discover that an old wound is getting activated. In other words, you are acting out unfinished business from your family of origin in your current life. This may mean doing some trauma resolution work. I use a variety of effective techniques to help process these issues. These may include Grounding, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Guided Imagery. In this way, I will help you to stop re-enacting old painful patterns in your day-to-day life.