How Counselling Works

So often we resign ourselves to our lot in life, believing it is actually our “nature” to be depressed, anxious, shy, unmotivated, etc. But, more often than not, it is what happens to us while we are growing up that shapes the kind of adult we become.

Lasting emotional and psychological injuries occur within the context of trusting relationships. Many injuries happen within the privacy of our own homes. Others may occur at school, in sports clubs, or in places of worship. These injuries rarely get dealt with adequately at the time. Often they are kept secret.

Serious psychological or emotional injuries are similar to physical ones. When we neglect them, they tend to get worse. Like an infected cut, they will fester. But the “poison” comes out in ways we often don’t recognize, like: self-defeating patterns of behaviour, profound insecurity, depression, illness, or strange physical sensations.

Because we are unfamiliar with how the body handles injuries to the mind, we are generally at a loss as to how to help ourselves. This is where professional help comes in.

An experienced counsellor understands how emotional and psychological injuries work. With education, support, and expert intervention, the healing process begins.

The therapeutic relationship provides a corrective context for healing. Here old injuries can be safely re-opened and cleared out once and for all. As the damage is repaired, one’s true nature begins to emerge.

We discover we are not the shy, anxious, or unmotivated person we always thought ourselves to be. Each day is now embraced with optimism. Healthy relationships with others become easier to establish. And finally, we find ourselves on the road to our full potential in life.

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