Toronto Counselling and Psychotherapy

Anxiety or Depression

Anxiety and depression are often flip sides of the same coin. The majority of clients who come to my Toronto counselling office, often have one or the other.

Anxiety can be about something specific, such as a fear of public speaking. Or it can be generalized. In this case it can mean being in a constantly fearful state where you can never fully let your guard down.

Depression also has different ways of showing up. Sometimes it is specific and you know why you feel down. Other times, it is a general flatness of emotion where nothing excites you but you don’t know why. You may feel a lack of energy or have difficulty getting motivated. Sometimes, depression can be cloaked in a veil of anxiety, making it more difficult to recognize.

Regardless of whether you suffer from anxiety or depression, I believe there is a good reason for it. Sometimes, there can be a physical condition contributing to it. So it is important that you first get medically checked out. But if there is no underlying physical illness, then it is likely that your anxiety or depression is a response to life circumstances, either present or past.

This is how I will help you recover from anxiety or depression:

First, I will listen closely and without judgment to gather as much information as you can give me about your experience of anxiety or depression. I will want to know what it is like for you and, if you can recall, when it began.

Then, I will help you develop strategies to cope with your condition on a daily basis and to alleviate your symptoms. I call these grounding tools.

Together, we will look at your day-to-day life and your personal/family history for possible events or circumstances that may have led to you developing anxiety or depression.

We will also examine your lifestyle, socio/economic condition, living situation, and support network. Sometimes these aspects of our lives can have a huge impact on our mood and how we cope with everyday challenges.

If there are day-to-day circumstances causing your distress, like harassment at work or an abusive relationship at home, we will look at practical ways to deal with these situations.

If your anxiety or depression stem from the past, we will examine the various therapeutic options for healing. Together, we will decide the best approach based on your personality and comfort level.